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High Lodge Leisure Review: Great All Round Fishing

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In the summer of 2021, I went for a 10-day break at High Lodge Leisure in Suffolk.

Disclaimer – I paid full price for the holiday and the review is my independent opinion in my stay.

About my trip

We had a week booked in one of the lodges around the lake. High Lodge had a cancellation so we stayed for 3 nights at one of the lodges nearer to the entrance and then moved over to around the lake.

My review will start with the fishing and then have some information about the lodges, the site and the area.

The Carp Fishing

All the lodges around the lakes have their own peg. Ours was on the left and 4 lodges down. The peg we had was great with a reed bed to the left, Lillies in front and a small bit of open water to the left. No one in the lodges to my left was fishing. One lodge two to the right was and another lodge across from us. There was not a lot of lines in the water during our trip. Most fish in the morning and then again in the evening.

The carp

I’d classify this as a match fishing carp lake. Most of the carp are in the 2lb to 4lb range, but there are absolutely loads of them! We did a lot of surface fishing and with some pre-baiting, the carp would come in on the sound of floating pellets going in. It was incredible to see them turn up over and over again.

I also had a rod with a bite alarm on and the runs were relentless. When we go back I’ll be going for a more swing tip and method feeder set up than the bite alarms – these were a little overkill. I caught them feeding boilies and sweet corn with trimmed wafters on the hook.

Both of my children (7 & 9) caught and landed their first carp, unaided, on the trip which was great to see. It was a quality family fishing session with loads of fish caught and lots of happy smiles all around.

High Lodge small mirror carp

Match fishing

As well as the carp there is a good stock of match fishing. My children had their float rods with them as well as the carp rods and the bites again were relentless. If you didn’t get a bite on the spots in a couple of minutes you could guarantee that your bait had come off. We fished corn on the hook and caught endless roach, of a decent size too. My 9-year-old was pulling half pound roach in all week!

The lodge

Due to a cancellation, we ended up booking 3 extra nights at the start of our stay in one of the other lodges that are not by the lake. These have a small pool of water in front of them and overlook the clubhouse and cafe more. There is a fishing lake off to the side of them that residents can fish on a day ticket. This is packed with small carp, koi and lots and lots of roach. Take some floaters in the summer and you’ll see the fish going absolutely wild for them. The challenge is stopping the roach from destroying your bait to get to the carp! I didn’t have any with me but I’d suggest dog biscuits would be the way to get around this.

Small carp - fishing in front of the lodge

For the rest of the time, we stayed in Jay lodge which had a hot tub to the side. The lodge was very nice and well kept inside. We had a nice terrace area to sit at the front and steps down to the grass to get to our peg. Behind the lodge was a large area of grass where we played some football, cricket and frisbee. This was a nice relaxing place to stay. Some days and evenings there were shooting events on site which was a little noisy at times but apart from that, it was a very quiet place to stay.

High Lodge - lodges at night

In the area

Whist staying we got out and about to visit some local places and pubs, here are some of the things we enjoyed during our visit.

2 Magpies Bakery

This is at the end of the drive and is a MUST visit unless you don’t like food! They have a range of bread and pastries as well as delicious cakes. We visited a few times and I can personally recommend the salted chocolate torte. I would probably go back to stay at High Lodge just so I could buy more bread and cakes here. They also have a baking school but this was fully booked by the time we found out.

Sutton Hoo

This is a National Trust site where they found ancient burial mounds. The story was recently made into a film for Netflix called the dig – It’s well worth watching before you go.

The Fox Inn -Darsham

This is just down the road from High Lodges in a quaint little village. It is an old-style traditional pub that serves very nice food. We liked it so much we went back again later in the week.

Kings Head – Yoxford

This is just a little further down the road than the Fox in but still only around 5 minutes. We had a very nice Sunday Lunch here although the pub was rather quiet.

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