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100LB match challenge

This summer sees me take on my biggest challenge yet – Catch over 100LB of carp in a 5 hour day session or match. This is a big ask from a water thats less than three quarters of an acre and is reasonably stocked but not heavily. Its a water I’ve been fishing for a few years and I took over running it a couple of years ago. Currently its only fished by 4 people and thats not regularly, it fishes quite well in general but the fish can spook easily as there not used to having much disturbance in the water.

I will be posting on twitter (@casual_carper) when I’m going for a session along with the results. I’m targeting May, June and September as the key months as I know the lake usually fishes well at these times.

100LB match – last seasons results

Last summer I had a number of day sessions on the lakes and here’s the best results. September fished particularly well as it was warmer than usual and I had a few 50LB matches but nothing massive.

Best result – 70lb 1oz – May 13th 2014

The fish

Fish weight method
Mirror 13lb 4oz method
Mirror 13lb 0oz Boilie
Common 7lb 6oz method
Common 2lb 8oz method
Mirror 1lb method
Mirror 4lb 4oz method
Common 4lb 5oz method
Tench 1lb 11oz method
Mirror 4lb 4oz method
Common 4lb 2oz method
Mirror 1lb method
Common 3lb 10oz method
Common 4lb 11oz method
Mirror 1lb method
Mirror 4lb 6oz method

This was a truly exceptional day and early on I though I may well break the 100lb barrier. The first three fish were landed in the first 35 minutes of the match with the lake record being broken with the first carp. It fished well until midday and then tailed off before picking up again with a strong finish. I was fishing against my usual fishing partner, Neil, who only manage 31lb from a peg at the other side of the island to me.

100lb Match rules

Maximum of 5 hours fishing

Maximum of 3 rods if fishing alone, 2 if anyone else is on the lake

Standard bait only

No moving from initial peg

No excessive baiting up or pre baiting

I’m trying to keep it all as standard as possible in my quest to achieve this. I’m fairly confident of at least getting close this season as the carp in the lake are all growing on nicely. This summer we’re expecting our average carp stock to be around 8-9lb (late summer) and the lake record should be closing in on 15-17lb with a couple of fast growers.

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