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Catch one carp!

As well as the 100lb match challenge I have another goal for summer 2016 and that is to catch one carp! This may sound odd but read on and I’ll explain how this challenge has come about.

If you’re familiar with the site you’ll know that I help out running a 3 lake complex with small lakes. When we first took them over we had the lakes netted and some carp moved between out lakes to give them a better balance. We planned to empty one of 6 carp and leave it empty until we decided what to do with it, and we thought we had. Then one day last summer we were walking past the lake when we spotted that familiar V across the water where a large (20+ we think) was cruising on the top.

I’ve seen this fish a number of times through the summer but not had the chance to catch it. The plan this year is to get it on the bank and see what size it is. I’ve added a picture of it below and you can see it swimming through the margins in the video on our you tube channel. Since this was written we’ve added 2 x 8lb VS carp to the lake and these should now be over 10b but the goal is still to catch the one big one in the lake.

After checking the lake a few times I think there is also another smaller carp (3-5lb) knocking around too.

The plan

I’m going with two different options to catch this carp

Surface fishing – Not renowned for catching bigger carp but from walking around the lakes I know that this fish likes to sit on top of the weed in a summers evening had has taken freebies off the top first. The main challenge with this is to catch the exact carp I’m after without a, the roach breaking up the bread and b, hitting one of the smaller carp – although I’d still be please with that!

Pre baiting – With no one fishing the lake in the last 2 years the fish are not used to seeing bait. So there will be a side plan of pre baiting the lake with boilies and particles over a period of 4-6 weeks and check back to see when its gone. Again this will be a case of put the bait out and hope to take the big one! There is a chance if I take one of the smaller ones I’ll need to start the pre bating again for a couple of weeks to build the fishes confidence back up.

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