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Lake Bled Slovenia Carp Fishing Holidays

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For me, Lake Bled in Slovenia is one of the ultimate destinations for big carp fishing in Europe. It’s an epic location with some massive carp in the lake. It’s 145 hectares so can be hard water to go at. It is on my list of places to visit for a fishing holiday.

Read on for information on carp fishing at the lake and ideas on where to stay.

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Here is how the lake looks from the mountains above –

The epic carp fishing holiday - Lake Bled

The most iconic part of the lake is the island and church in the middle of it. This is an epic backdrop for your catch photos and it can be seen from all around the lake.

Carp fishing at lake bled

You can carp fish all year round at lake Bled although it is busier in the summer with tourists. You may want to find a quieter location during this time. It is believed that Autumn is the best time to fish the lake, mainly September and October. The weather dips in the winter, snow is rare, but you would need to be prepared for the cold. In the spring the weather is changeable and wet!

Lake Bled Carp Fishing Tickets

There are limited tickets to fish on the lake so you will need to book in early. The tickets have set rules and regulations.

Carp fishing is currently €57 for 1 day, you can fish 2 rods for that price. You cannot bait the lake outside of your permit. Children are allowed to fish with you and can have a float rod license. Under 15’s cannot fish for carp on the lake (Due to the size of the carp!) .

You can check availability and book your tickets here. (It’s in English and Slovenian)

Lake Bled Carp Fishing Rules

There are a lot of rules for fishing the lake. A lot of them are about keeping your pegs tidy and not making a mess. The lake is in a Solvenia national park so they expect you to respect the area. You can find the full rules here. (Again in England and Slovenian). You cannot take a cooker, stove or have an open flame for cooking so you will need to take your food with you for the day.

Lake Bled fishing holidays

There are a few local guides where you can book to fish. They will show you the best spots and help you during the trip. They can sort everything from all your bait and equipment down to your food and of course your fishing permits.

Here are some companies that offer this

Where to stay?

With Lake Bled being a popular holiday destination there is a good choice of places to stay, especially if you are hiring all the equipment that you need. The accommodation ranges from lake-side campsites through to luxury hotels. The lake itself is just over an hour from the nearest airport and can be driven to from the UK via the Channel Tunnel – although this is quite a road trip!

Range of accommodation in Bled –

  • Campsites: Check out Sava camping – an eco campsite on the shore of the lake
  • Hotels: See for availability
  • Villas and houses: There is a lot to choose from on Airbnb from cheap accommodation right through to high-end luxury houses with breathtaking views over the lakes and private swimming pools – stunning!

Hopefully, I’ll get a trip to Lake Bled booked in soon and try and catch some epic carp!

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