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Best method feeder mix

Here’s my guide to the ultimate method mix for carp. This has been honed over the last few years and is flexible for changes when sticking to the planned core ingredients. This includes the SECRET INGREDIENT which will give you a┬ácompact mix in the cast making an open feeder more effective than ever!

Casual Carpers ultimate method mix

Here are the base ingredients –

Carp method mix – Bait tech super method is my current base mix of choice – Buy it on Amazon here

This is a great mix of hemp, molasses, 5 spices and other natural ingredients. Bait-Tech stuff is usually good quality and I really like this as a base for my mix.

1 tin of sweet corn – This does not need to be the flavoured variety or anything specific, a standard tin will do. You can use maize or flavoured corn if you want to mix it up more. A mix of smaller and larger corn can often work well.

1 tin of frenzied particles (or any tinned particles/ hemp) – 600g tin – buy it on Amazon here

A good squirt of liquid pineapple (again or similar) – I choose pineapple as it’s usually sweet and sticky and carp love it.

Carp paste powder (about a third of what you’ve used as method mix) – This by Ringers will do the job or any powered paste. This is my secret ingredient.

The Carp paste power is what makes it really sticky and compact together on the feeder and hold in the cast and on impact. I find with just a method feeder mix with any decent length cast the feeder tends to lose some on impact with the water. This is more for if you are fishing at range or want to pack a lot of feed onto your method feeder.


I usually make this the evening before I go fishing to give it overnight to take on more flavour and compact down.

Start with the method ground bait and paste power in a large tub or bucket. Then add a tin of corn and the particles and give it a very good mix round. Make sure all the liquid from these goes into the mix as well.

Then start adding the pineapple glug until the mixture starts to stick together in the turn. One key thing of this mix is to not add any water – everything that’s in it has a flavour for the carp. If you really need to, dilute the glug with water at a 50/50 ratio.

I then put it in the tub to take it to the lake and stack other tins of bait or a bait box on it to flatten it down. When you arrive at the lake just give it a quick stir with a bank stick and off you go using it. The flattening down seems to get a better hold of it – this is not tested and just my opinion.

In this setup to match the Pineapple, I will use one of my trusty 15mm carp wafters and I will trim it down to around the size of a large piece of corn. I like how the wafter sits on top of the mix and will be moving around with the fish stirring it up. Alternatively, you can use corn or maize as hook bait.

Then as the casual carper says – kick back and catch carp!

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