Bakewell Tart Hook Baits


In a vote-off on the Casual Carper Facebook page, Bakewell tart won from a total of 8 selected baits. In the early rounds, it comfortably beat spiced apple and cinnamon as well as the very popular Pineapple Butyric and Black Pepper (which is also available in our shop). The final was a storming 67% win over Garlic, peanut and tiger nut – which is also available as a hook bait.

The Bakewell boilie mix is an almond nutty base mix, strong cherry flavouring and a small hint of white chocolate to add the sweetness of the icing to the mix. Launched in September 2018 with a small hook bait range this flavour will be available as boilies and more colours and options of hook baits over time.

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12mm Popups, 15mm Popups, 12mm Wafters, 15mm Wafters, 500ML Glug


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