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Casual Carper liquid Beta Stim is the perfect liquid for any carper looking to get an edge with their bait. This is a totally natural sweet liquid that can be used to dip your boilies in, added to PVA bags, added into your spod mix and lots more. This natural liquid is the perfect feeding trigger for carp and is a potent product. We’re just surprised that more carpers haven’t caught on to it yet! Available as 250ML, 500ML or 1L bottles.

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Beta-Stim – The perfect liquid to improve your baits

Carp fishers – This is the liquid you need!

Uses for Beta Stim in carp fishing

  • Dipping hook baits
  • Pouring into spod mix
  • Adding to pellets or pellet soaks
  • Adding to particle mix for an extra zip of attraction
  • Dipping surface baits in before casting – very effective with bread bombs

The Beta Stim we supply is UK produced and a 100% natural product, unlike some synthetic mixed. Because it is natural there you cannot overuse it but its recommended at around 30ml per kg if it’s going in a spod mix or particles. It can be added to spod mixes as a soak a couple of days early or simply stirred in just before spodding.

Under the water as well as the smell there it creates a cloud to get the fish hunting out the bait. I never go carping without a bottle of Beta Stim in my bag! In the summer it can be used to mix up your surface fishing by dipping bread or floaters in it. In the winter you can use it as a hook bait dip.


When fishing in the colder months try rough chopping a handful of boilies, then grind another handful and soak them in the Beta liquid the night before you go. These make a highly potent mix of feeding attractors that the carp will love.

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250ML, 500ML, 1L


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