How do you keep pop ups fresh?

To keep your popups fresh you will need to keep them in a cool dry place and in an air tight container like the pots they come in. This will keep them fresh and maintain the attraction long term.

What is the best rig for pop ups?

From my experience, the best rig would be either the Ronnie Rig for a presentation just off the bottom. When fishing over weed or debris I’d use a

stiff hinged rig with the bait up a couple of inches from the bottom.

What is a pop up boilie?


Really its not a boilie in the sense of food source boilies! It’s mixed with buoyancy aids to keep it up in the water and should not be used as a loose feed.

How long do popups last?

In the water pop ups can comfortably stay up for over 48 hours when balanced correctly. In an air tight container or pot your pop ups will last months if not longer.

What are boilies?

Effectively, boilies, as the name suggests are boiled paste fishing baits. These are made up of a number of ingredients including milk proteins, bird foods, soya flour, and fish meals. We then blend with a binding agent, eggs, and then boil. All our boilies are machine-made to create a better quality of bait and a more uniform finish – like all major manufacturers.

This creates a round bait that is hard enough to last in the water, but soft enough to break up or grind down. There are many things that you can do to your boilies in order to attract more fish to their bait and hook.

When it comes to carp baits, boilies are now up there as one of the best and with our selection to choose from, there is a boilie that is suited to a variety of different fishing sessions.

They range in size from just a 12 millimeters to 18 millimeters the bigger baits help in dealing with nuisance fish that fisherman want to avoid.

What size hook should I use for each size of boilie?

This is a really common question and there is no hard and fast rule. Below is a general guide to what I’d use personally – the best advice is to play around with the rigs and see how they look and what you catch on.

  • 12mm – I’d usually use a size 10 or 12 hooks.
  • 15mm – I’d usually us a 10 or an 8 size hook.
  • 18mm – I’d usually use an 8, 6 or size 4 – but you can go to a 2 – this just isn’t something I’d personally do.

What’s the best hook bait to use?

Boilies are commonly referred to as bottom baits when we’re talking about hook baits. You can fish these on a standard hair over a bed of free offerings to great effect. In general, especially in the warmer months, I’ll fish a matching flavoured wafter on the hook over the free offerings.

I am also a fan of white popups where the hook bait really stands out above the free offerings below. Whilst some people may think this is an unnatural presentation I’ve found it highly effective.

What boilies would I use at different times of the year?

Spring/ Summer – The general guide would be to use higher oil and fishmeal baits in the warmer months – like my spiced krill flavour which catches loads in the summer.
Autumn/ Winter – When it starts getting cooler higher oil boilies aren’t good for the fish as the oils take time to break down. Usually, carpers, including myself, move over to sweeter flavours. My top choice of boilie to use in winter is the Pineapple, Butyric and Black Pepper Oil wafters, fished over a few free offerings, pellets and all soaked in boilie glug.