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Mathod feeder is one of the most effective way of bagging up on carp in commercial waters. Find my tips here.
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Hello and welcome to the Casual Carper Blog where I’ll try and help you with top fishing tips and reviews of the latest fishing products. 

Here is the latest content from my blog – 

Latest Carp Blogs

Carp fishing in the margins header

Margin Fishing Tips

Margin fishing is an excellent way to catch carp and you can improve your chances greatly by learning to understand the margins better and the

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Snowman Rig guide

Snowman rig tips

The snowman rig is a hugely popular rig for big carp. It’s one I use regularly to mix it up when the bites are hard

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Method feeder fishing blog

Best method feeder mix

Here’s my guide to the ultimate method mix for carp. This has been honed over the last few years and is flexible for changes when

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best method pellets header

Best method feeder pellets

Method feeder fishing with pellets is becoming more and more popular, especially with day session carp anglers like myself. There’s a wide range of weird

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Fishing gadget reviews

Fish spy review and tips

Fish Spy Review

I’m a big fan of gadgets and when I saw the fish spy I thought this would be another one for the collection. I picked

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Casual carper underwater camera review promo graphic

Water Wolf HD review

**Update** The Water Wolf HD is not currently available in the UK. If you are looking for one the best place to try is eBay.

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Pike fishing blogs

Super market pike baits

Supermarket Pike Baits

The supermarket fish counter has a range of fish that can be used for dead baiting for pike. Fortunately, pike will eat almost anything fishy

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Lure fishing blogs

Carp fishing holidays