Carp fishing tester program for Casual Carper Baits


I’m Darren and I own and run Casual Carper, I’m also the person who checks every application personally.

Thank you for your interest in joining the team, the application form is below. I have also included an application guide to help you get the right information over to me. I am picky about who is accepted and poor applications will be rejected!

Current testers rangeĀ 

Crab & Tuna Hydroslate – A stinky bait that has been worked on for a while to get the mix and scent right for version 1.0. This will be available as 15mm boilies, wafters, popups, and a 500ML glug. This is a high-quality bait that has a really strong smell. The initial feedback on the bait has been good, I now need more feedback and more catch photos to help progress the testing.

If you have social media accounts please make sure you are following me so I can check out other photos (it is no problem if you don’t have any, it just helps me make quicker decisions).

Insta: @casualcarper – Please make sure you follow me before applying if you have a private account!

Facebook: /casualcarper

Twitter: @casual_carper

Application guide

If you want to be accepted on the team here are some tips for your application

The photo

I only ask for 1 photo so you can show me the best shot you have! What I’m looking for ideally is the money shot of you holding a quality carp you’ve caught, with a suitable carp mat under the fish where appropriate.

Your application will be rejected if your photo is of these things

  • A carp in a net on the floor
  • You standing up holding a carp
  • A picture of your rods
  • A picture of a carp lied on the grass with some rubbish underneath it (Unbelievably someone actually sent me this as their application photo)

The write-upĀ 

Tell me a little bit about the waters you fish, the name of them if allowed, the size the carp go up to, or your plans and goals for them. This is your chance to show your knowledge and get a place on the higher-level team. It does not have to be in great depth but needs to be more than “I like to catch carp” as one applicant submitted.

You must be over 18 to apply currently.
This is not a requirement, if you are on social media give me a follow Insta @casualcarper - Twitter @casual_carper & search Casual Carper on Facebook to connect.
This is not a requirement, if you are on social media give me a follow Insta @casualcarper - Twitter @casual_carper & search Casual Carper on Facebook to connect.
There's no set requirement, my team currently consists of carpers who do everything from a few hours here and there to guys out on the bank for 7 days at a time.
This is just for reference
Please add a photo in JPEG or PNG format that you are proud of. This needs to be of you holding a fish! I'm looking for carpers who take a decent photo and have the appropriate carp mats to protect the fish.
Your PB MUST be over 20lb to be considered for the team.
By applying you agree for me to store your data as set out in my privacy policy under the GDPR guidelines. You may remove your data at anypoint by e-mail a request over.