Testers application

I’m currently looking for testers to join the team here at Casual Carper. Please read below and fill in the form to apply –

What I’m looking for

  • You must be over 18
  • You need to be a regular carper all year round
  • You need to be able to take a decent photo of you holding your catches as a minimum
  • You must not post anything on social media that is considered racist or sexist, or anything drug related

What you’ll get

  • Early access to provide feedback on new baits and ideas
  • Discounts on the current range of baits
  • An opportunity to provide suggestions for new test bait ranges

Sound good to you? Then fill in the form below to apply

You must be over 18 to apply currently.
This is not a requirement, if you are on social media give me a follow Insta @casualcarper - Twitter @casual_carper & search Casual Carper on Facebook to connect.
There's no set requirement, my team currently consists of carpers who do everything from a few hours here and there to guys out on the bank for 7 days at a time.
This is just for reference
Please add a photo in JPEG or PNG format that you are proud of. This needs to be of you holding a fish! I'm looking for carpers who take a decent photo and have the appropriate carp mats to protect the fish.
By applying you agree for me to store your data as set out in my privacy policy under the GDPR guidelines. You may remove your data at anypoint by e-mail a request over.