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Hi, I’m the casual carper and I will be sharing my top tips and match sessions with you. I’m a thirty something and I’ve been carp fishing for years but since having kids my time is limited. My aim is to get the most out of my carp session when I can, only by being prepared can I get big bags of fish in short irregular sessions. My sessions are usually 4-5 hours and my aim for the 2015 season is to catch over 100lb of carp in 5 hours with 2 rods (or maybe 3 if I’ve got the lake to myself!). Last season I peaked at 78lb in four and a half hours and I know I can do better.

I will be filling this site with reviews of the latest carp baits and rigs so you too can get the most out of your day sessions. You’ll find most of the information over on my You tube channel where I’ll be uploading every session I go on along with videos of rigs and other helpful bits.

Casual carper – social

Casual carper on twitterYou can follow me on twitter @casual_carper and I’ll be updating throughout the summer with match reports and photos. Check out my blogs to see this years challenges including the 100lb match challenge and the catch one carp blog. You can see all the details of my catches and my favourite catches from previous seasons. If you’ve got any questions or need any rigs explaining then get in touch and I’ll be happy to help you out!


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3 thoughts on “Casual Carper

  1. Hi
    I really like the idea of bio degradable boilie bags
    The bait looks great do you do the snowman heads in chocolate orange I really like the sound of your stuff
    Best regards

    1. Hi Matt, thats for the positive feed back on the bags. I don’t have them in the white chocolate and orange just yet but will do in a couple of months hopefully.
      AKA The Casual Carper

  2. Hiya , I’m 16 and a keen angler and heard you are after a tester and would like to join your team as I’ve heard your products are great , my PB is a 19.3lb mirror , Thankyou for reading this , Thankyou
    – Harry wootton

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