Stick Mix


Choice of 2 flavours

Supplied in 2.5KG Biodegradable bags

Perfect for PVA bags and mesh

A strong attractant for carp

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Stick Mix Guide

My stick mix –

  • Contains proven feeding triggers similar to my range of boilies
  • Attractors to bring the fish in on the scent
  • Active at different levels of the water column
  • Left dry can be used as part of a fizzing mix
  • Completely PVA friendly

Uses for stick mix

  • PVA bags and mesh
  • Added to bring an extra level of flavour to spod mixes
  • Mixed into boilie crumb to provide more attraction

How to make the perfect stick mix

Here is how I prep my stick mix for sessions, I’ve added some extra variations so you can tweak it to your personal liking.

Step 1 – Starting mix

Grab a bag of my stick mix (Above) and start your mix with around half a kilo if it is your first time mixing. Here is where you can add anything you want to the mix. At this point, we are adding the dry ingredients to make the base of our mix.

Things to add for stick mix recipes

  • Broken or crumbed boilies – This is my personal choice in the winter months, the two work perfectly together. Ideally, you are looking for around 30% of the mix to be boilies.
  • Feed pellets – If you want some food in the mix, 4mm to 8mm works well. Around 20% off the pix as pellets works well.
  • Particles/ corn – Even if they are not PVA friendly the liquids will be soaked up by the stick mix powder making them safe to add to your bags. Again around 20% of particles adds some colour and food to the mix.

Particles Tip – If you are adding particles or corn drain them of liquid before adding, but keep the liquid to one side to add in step 2.

Once you have your base dry mix sorted give it a mix to spread the ingredients around.

Step 2 – Add the liquids

This is where we start to really boost the mix further. Here we are looking to get it in a nice, almost fluffy, state. Not too gloopy and heavy that it won’t go in the mix and not to light that it will not compact down as well.

Personally I use a boilie glug for this usually in a complementary flavour.

Complementary flavours

Cream mix – Salted Caramel & Nut or Pineapple, Butyric & Black Pepper Oil

Fish mix – Spiced Krill or Yeast Extract glug.

If you are using a pure powder mix then you will need to dilute the glug down as it will be too heavy. You can actually do this with any spirits above 40% including vodka. Gin would also work but I’ve not tested this as I’d be killed for pouring Gin in my fishing bait!

If you are using a glug and boilie crumb mix then you can make it go further by diluting the strength down with natural glycerin. This is the base for boilie glugs and it will make your glugs go further but will make the scent weaker. All my glugs are heavily flavoured and if you need to soak up the powder you could add another 30% glycerin and still get a good strong flavour coming through.

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Sweet Cream Mix, Fish Meal Mix


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