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Korum Quick Stops

Korum quick stop hair rigs are my favourite innovation of the last few years. They make fishing the method feeder a breeze as its simple to change baits and quickly put your bait back on after a catch. This is the top product on the market for this and I personally never go for a day session with out these hair rigs.

How to use quick stop hair rigs

This guide takes into account that you have them attached to your swivel/ rig already. (This is my way of using them and others may vary!)

  1. Drill your bait – The quick stops are rather soft so if you’re putting them through a boilie or pellet it needs a small hole through first. The maximum size bait I’d personally use would be a 10mm boilie or pellet on a hook size 10 rig. If you’re using sweetcorn I’d still push your needle through first to make a hole.
  2. Push the quick stop through – Simple as that, get your special Korum needle in the end of the quick stop and then push it through your bait. Pull the needle back out and then twist the top to secure the bait.
  3. Cast it out! – You’re done and as this is the casual carper site its time to “sit back and catch carp”.

Sizes available from Korum

Firstly there’s 2 lengths of hook links to consider, short = 4 inches and long = 15 inches. Unfortunately there isn’t currently a medium length option but we’d like to see one in time.

Hook size guide – all available in barbed or barbless (our preferred option)

  • Size 10, 10lb break strain – This is my choice of size in the 4″ version, perfect for carp fishing on the open method feeder and strong enough if they put up a fight. The biggest carp I’ve landed on one of these is 13lb 4oz so if you play the fish right you’ve got plenty of extra in them.
  • Size 12, 8lb break strain – This is decent for smaller carp waters, useful for mixed coarse and carp waters.
  • Size 14 – 7lb break strain – Again okay on waters with small carp but will struggle if you hit a double, if there’s fish that big in the water I’d go with a bigger size.
  • Size 16 – 6lb break strain – Perfect for feeder fishing at mixed coarse waters – I’m a fan of this size for a bit of summer tench fishing if I’m having a break from the carp.

Here’s some carp I’ve recently caught using these hair rigs-


Here’s the setups i used –


The fist image is a pre soaked pellet mix with a 10 mm Ringers white shellfish boilie on the hair. Setup in a Preston innovations (same company as Korum) in line banjo feeder.

The second image is a flat bed inline method feeder with my special carp method mix with a 10mm boilie corn (yes boilies in the shape of corn) on the quick stop.

If you’ve got any questions about these rigs or anything carp related then drop me a message on twitter @casual_carperĀ 

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