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Snowman rig tips

snowman rig tips

The snowman rig is a hugely popular rig for big carp. It’s one I use regularly to mix it up when the bites are hard to get. But I’ve got some tips and tricks to get even more bites from this rig – plus videos of each of these variations underwater on my youtube channel. I’m so keen on fishing this rig I’ve added a pot of “snowman heads” to my range of baits. These are a mixed pot of 12mm popups, all in the same flavour but in different colours – you can see them here.

What is a snowman rig?

A snowman rig is a 2 boilie setup with a standard boilie at the bottom and a smaller pop up at the top. It makes the presentation standup odd the bottom and looks just like a snowman, hence the name.

Here’s the idea of how they should look


There is also a reverse snowman with the smaller popup on the bottom and the main boilie above. This does not look like a snowman but is quite an effective presentation when fished correctly. It really helps if you have some boilie extenders to hand to make the presentation better.

You can see our guide to the best carp boilies and popups here to help select the right bait.

Snowman rig fishing tips

1 – Practice!

This rig takes a little time to perfect. Where possible I’d always put the rig in a clear margin so you can see how its set up. If it’s not balanced right the popup can pull the whole rig up and that’s not the idea. In this case you can add some tungsten putty by the rig to hold it down, or use a different popup – preferred way.

2 – Snip them a bit

This is a tip I picked up from a carp mag a few years ago (I read a few so I can’t remember the exact one.). Snip the ends of each boilie to make a smother presentation rather than 2 balls on top of each other. This really sleeks up the presentation and can help you get more bites.


3 – Mix it up

You don’t have to stick to the standard rigs, sometimes its worth mixing up your snowman rigs to get a bite. Try different sized boilies and see how they sit in the water. I occasionally use what I call the “fat snowman” rig with is a 14mm dumbbell with a 12mm popup on as below. You’ll need to use a Boilie extender for some of these depending on your hair length.

To test things before I go to the lake I also have an old fish tank with some gravel in filled with water. I’ll quickly add the bait to the hair rig at home and sit it in to see how it looks. This saves lots of precious time on the bank and means I can repeatedly test rigs and setups.

I’ve also been playing around with a carp fishing wafter snowman. This plays differently in the water due to the added buoyancy of the wafter. I carve a small opening in the bottom of the wafter ad add some putty once the hair is in. This helps keep it upright but get is moving up and down in the water more than a standard snowman.

You can pick up old tanks on eBay really cheap and as long as you have the place to store them its a good way to test things out where you can see the rig/ bait.

Here are some of the rigs filmed underwater on my Water Wolf HD – see review here.

There are loads more videos on my YouTube channel, just search “Casual Carper” to see them all.

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